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Band/volume 22: LUDWIG K. & BREMICKER M. (Eds) (2006):

The Water Balance Model LARSIM - Design, Content and Applications

In this paper, the hydrologic basis of the water balance model LARSIM and application examples are presented. LARSIM allows a process- and area-detailed simulation of the water cycle. It uses system data, which are readily available in most cases.
Fundamental approaches used in LARSIM are described in detail for the following hydrological subprocesses: interception, actual evapotranspiration, snow accumulation, metamorphosis of snow and snow melt, soil water and groundwater storage, lateral water transport to streams (run-off concentration), water temperature and routing in channel networks. Furthermore, procedures for regionalisation of model parameters of LARSIM and methods of spatial interpolation of me-teorological input data are discussed.
Various applications of LARSIM are described: the impact of climate change on water balance in south-western Germany, water budget of the Baltic Sea catchment in connection with coupled atmosphere-hydrology simulations, hydrologic effects of land use change and the operational forecasts of low flow, flood and water temperature by the Flood Forecast Centre (HVZ) of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg (Germany).

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