Freiburger Schriften zur Hydrologie

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Band/volume 12: HAUNS M. (2000):

Modelling tracer and particle transport under turbulent flow conditions in karst conduit structures

A computational fluid dynamics model (CFD) is used to calculate flow in example-types of karst conduit geometries on a decametric scale. Simulations of tracer experiments show the influence of conduit geometry on the tracer breakthrough curve (BTC) on this scale. Tailing of the falling limb of the curve can be observed and is due to tracer captured in stagnant water. A new BTC fitting and interpretation method is developed. It is based on an analytical solution of the transport equation and allows the quantification of the tailing. The results of the numerical simulations are confirmed by laboratory tracer experiments and field tests. The numerical flow solutions are also used to predict deposition rates of suspended colloids and particles in a karst aquifer.

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