Hydrologischer Atlas von Deutschland  

Herausgegeben vom Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit


3. Edition HAD   (Deutsch)

The Hydrological Atlas of Germany (HAD) is a modern and open information system, combining up to date methods, scientific transparency and new information technologies. It is a fundamental instrument for public administration, economy, science and education as well as a comprehensive information source for environmentally concerned citizens.

The HAD is already available in an extended issue. The extended issue 2003 (flyer and order form as PDF) comprises a ring binder (A2 sheet size) with 47 map tables, 4 transparency films, register and preface (240 pages in total). The map tables include maps in the map scales of 1 : 2 000 000 and 1 : 4 000 000 together with detailed explanation and documentation pages in English and German.

The Atlas is based on nation-wide comparable data for the whole of Germany using up to date hydrological models and regionalisation methods.
Following the links given, you can get an impression of the structure of the HAD, its
singular topics as well as some contents of specific map sets.

HAD: Title, Preface, Contents, Literature

HAD-Kap. 1: Fundamentals
HAD-Kap. 2: Hydrometeorology
HAD-Kap. 3: Surface Waters
HAD-Kap. 4: Soil Water
HAD-Kap. 5: Groundwater
HAD-Kap. 6: Water Budget
HAD-Kap. 7: Hydrology - Ecology - Man

The next installments are in progress. It is not possible to order single map tables.
For order details please look at the orderform given.

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